Amulets and necklaces are similar to rings, while some of them may have some magical effect, others may be merely decorative.




Ancient Amulet


Amulet of Loss

Prevents loot drop.

Broken Amulet


Bronze Amulet

Absorbs mana drain.

Bronze Necklace


Crystal Necklace


Elven Amulet

Absorbs all damages.

Garlic Necklace

Absorbs life drain.

Golden Amulet


Paw amulet.


Platinum Amulet

Armor: 2

Protection Amulet

Absorbs physical damage.

Ruby Necklace


Sapphire Amulet


Scarab Amulet



Armor: 1

Silver Amulet

Absorbs poison damage.

Silver Necklace


Star Amulet


Stone Skin Amulet

Absorbs physical damage.

Strange Amulet

Absorbs energy damage.

Wolf Tooth Chain


Demonbone Amulet


Dragon Necklace

Absorbs fire damage.

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